Thriller AUTHOR


Central Station

“Central Station is fast-paced with a thrilling plot. The suspense makes this story very powerful, so I never knew what to expect next. It kept me on edge, and I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough.”

Alma Boucher, Reader’s Favorite 

“Unbelievable sense of humor. As a reader, I love your creative ability to help me feel Ray. I feel like I know him- what he’s thinking and feeling. This story has everything… murder, mystery, violence, love, family, and best of all humor. Ray is complicated and that keeps us guessing. I’m enjoying ever chapter.”
— L. Gennaro

“I enjoyed the story line and the characters. I really loved the character development of Ray, Hank, Ray’s mom, and Lily- I felt like I knew them. There were so many good chapters I can’t pick one. You did a great job of history, food, food critics, and music. It also did a nice job of leaving the reader wanting more. Can’t wait for Ray’s second book.”
— C. Harrison

“Captivating, enthralling! The story kept coming back to me like I was watching episodes on a screen. I could not put this book down. Visual, aromatic, and delicious! I felt like I was there… riding along. Loved it!!!”
— P. Adams